AUPOIX assists individuals, executives, managers and shareholders, but also family groups in tax management and the structuring of their income and assets.

AUPOIX also works with financial institutions and funds, as well as on behalf of French SMEs - start-ups in the development phase as family groups established for several generations - in fields as varied as luxury and fashion, new technologies, distribution, health companies and personal services.

A particularly complex subject, taxation, whether for companies or individuals, is constantly evolving, depending on case law, but also on the political and economic framework, the international context and the new issues they raise.

However, while technical competence is a legitimate prerequisite for clients who rely on a tax lawyer, it alone is not sufficient to provide high quality service.

Based on her experience working with national and international clients with various profiles, Me Caroline AUPOIX has developed a case management approach focused on the specific needs of each client.

The support takes into account the patrimonial and/or economic environment specific to each person and the short, medium or longer term projects (lifestyle to be insured, willingness to transfer a company or a patrimony; strategy of the company and/or its group...).

The firm handles the cases entrusted to it in a global, legal and tax, but also financial, economic and strategic approach in order to always provide the most appropriate solutions to its clients' problems.